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Winning – Desire, Drive, Will, Determination, and Wanting It

I am not a Clemson fan. In fact, I am the exact opposite of a Clemson fan – I am a part of the Gamecock Nation. I bleed garnet and black and when the Gamecocks don’t play I pull for whatever SEC team is playing. Okay, for those of you who cannot stand football, don’t leave, this isn’t a football post; and for you Clemson people keep reading, this Gamecock has some nice things to say about your team. This is a post on witnessing how sheer will and determination can make anything happen. It is not often we get to witness first hand how dreams can be achieved by simply wanting it more, having the desire, drive, will, determination, and doing the work it takes to get it done.

No, I’m not saying the Tigers won the National Championship based on luck, or that they didn’t deserve to be playing in the game. Nor am I any sort of analyst, spending time reviewing plays and making hypothesis on who will win and by how much based on the data. (I will admit to being a “sofa coach” with a strategy of: throw the football, catch the football, run with the football. Hubs just shakes his head as I am calling plays, but whatever.) My thoughts are simply based on what I witnessed with my own two eyes based on what the television cameras relayed to me last night. They played hard, they played the whole game regardless of they were up or down they continued to play with the attitude of we came to win. It almost seemed that it didn’t occur to them that they could lose; it wasn’t cocky it was the decision they had made and the goal they had set. They were a different team that they had been in this same position one year before.

In the days leading to the game, the hype built as it tends to do, fans of the two teams were each determined their team would win, and the rest of the football fandom chose to either jump on the bandwagon of one of the teams for various reasons or to just simply watch the game to see what happened. The analysts, crunched their numbers and weighed in, and these two teams were pretty well matched. Both had played a good season, worked hard, and deserved to be playing the National Championship game.

Now y’all, I am a kickoff, second half of the second quarter, and fourth quarter gal. During the rest of the game, I can be found wandering around, focused on some sort of task, and occationally checking the score. This game was no different, but as it does in many cases there was a smidge of regret when I returned to my coaching position in the fourth quarter and realized I had missed something since the score was significantly higher and closer than it was when I left – but I digress.

What happened in the next 15 minutes (okay, hour) will be talked about until August for many, next January for others, and a lifetime for some – not only did those watching see  an amazing and exciting game, they saw a team channel every bit of energy, determination, desire, and sheer will to do the job needed to win the game. The most intriguing part from where I sat was not what was happening on the field, but the look on the faces of the Clemson players when Alabama scored with roughly 4 minutes to go, now many of us were thinking okay overtime – tie it up and none of us are going to bed anytime soon but that wasn’t the plan for these players – the looks on their faces was one of okay what do we need to do to win there was no look of anger, or frustration, it was one of we can do this, let’s go.

I cannot imagine how exhausted all of those kids must have been, they had been playing for well over 4 hours at that point, after what had been several full days of perperation and events finally culminating in a game that for many will be one of the biggest events of their lives. And well, ther rest is sports history.

The new year is a good time to take a good look at yourself and  your life. I’m not a big fan resolutions to “change oneself” – I am a goal setter, constantly revising my goals as needed based on where I am and what has been happening in my world. I have also found myself in a rut recently; perhaps you have too – if so, watch the last few minutes of the fourth quarter of this game, and don’t just watch the game watch the faces of the players.

So thanks Clemson Tigers, for one heck of a game, and an awesome reminder of how to truly win. Enjoy your moment, you’ve earned it.



Life, Death, and Placing Blame. Why having faith is key.

The death of actress Carrie Fisher today seemed to be a tipping point for so many. Social media instantly filled with post after post, tweet after tweet, and comment after comment; some filled with love, memories, thank you’s and well wishes; others with hate, disdain, anger, and harshness, blaming 2016 for taking another life. However, being that death is a part of life, more specifically, the final moment of life, is it right to place blame on a 365 day period on a calendar? Why have we become so determined that death must be the fault of someone or something, rather than an occurrence that will ultimately happen to all of us? Have we abandoned faith for blame? Is the grieving process now starting with surprise/shock/blame?

Now I have an understanding of placing blame on a death that occurs due to accident or negligence, but when death is simply a natural occurrence of a body function ceasing to, well…function, why is the response “damn you (insert year here) for taking another.” When truly the calendar had nothing to do with it, and it was simply a normal, natural function of the body that happened to occur in a specific day still housed in the particular year of the Gregorian Calendar.

I won’t deny that 2016 saw the loss of many, good-hearted souls, downright evil people, babies, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Some who passed away with no warning, others who held on for moment, after moment until the moment they finally passed, others in an accident that occurred in the blink of an eye. Both Hollywood and regular folk alike saw many losses, and loss, like life is hard and often not easy or clear, and sometimes impossible to understand. This is where faith comes in, it doesn’t really make much of a difference what you believe or whom or what you believe in, having faith allows for understanding, and hopefully peace where there seems to be none. Having faith is key.

Carrie Fisher was praised by many, and chastised by just as many, some even raised her to another level simply because she was cast in a role in beloved films. She admitted, and was open with her demons, and choices she made; and honestly it has baffled me why in our world of outcry about everything there was not more anger and disgust over much she said occurred to obtain and keep her in said role. Ultimately, she was a human being, no different from you or me who had her ups and downs, good times and bad, made good and bad choices, and ultimately had to find a way to live with it all. This can be said for most of the lives lost this year (I say most, because I don’t include children, and sadly many of the younger crowd also lost their lives this year).

2017 will see loss of life the same way each and every year before it has, and each and every year after it will. Some will be household names, other names in a household, some will die alone, and others surrounded by loved ones. The important thing to remember is to live each day, and while the calendar has deemed some days more important than others, all days are equally important, and should be celebrated. Above all, have faith each and every day.

Wishing you all peace and joy in 2017.


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