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The countdown is on, your trip is almost here! Advance Dining Reservations (ADR’s) have been made, Fastpass+ selections are set up to make for perfectly planned days, and you have even started your packing checklist – then it dawns on you, and one (or more) of these question looms: “what stroller should I take?” or “do I have to lug my stroller along?” or “ugh, I need a double and I only have a single, what to do?”
To stroll and how to stroll, that is the question. One of the most commonly asked questions is about traveling to Walt Disney World is about strollers, and if you are entertaining even one of these scenarios:

  • dreading the thought of hauling your 35 pound monstrosity through the airport
  • wondering if it is possible to spend your whole vacation hunched over a cheap flimsy umbrella stroller
  • trying to figure out how to convince your kiddos to share one single stroller
  • debating a major stroller purchase solely for your trip

STOP!! You have options that will not cause added stress, back aches, arguments between the kiddos, buyers remorse, or take up room in the garage when you get back.

My TTT. Love this stroller but too bulky for travel.

My TTT. Love this stroller but too bulky for travel.

Option 1: Bring Your Own

  • Pro: Tried, trusty, and true (TTT)- the stroller you know and love and can unfold in two seconds with one finger. Your are completely comfortable with this stroller
  • Con: Most of the time our TTT stroller is big, bulky, and heavy; if you are using Disney transportation you will likely have to fold your stroller (this is a MUST on busses), so smaller, lighter and slimmer options are really the way to go. If you are flying, you will need to check or gate check TTT so there is a serious risk of damage. Umbrella strollers might seem like the answer here, but I would recommend reconsidering. Umbrella strollers tend to be compact and require the person pushing the stroller to hunch over, this can make for a very sore back (and cranky parent) at the end of the day. Additionally, if you have the need for a stroller, you probably also need a diaper bag, or at the very least some “kiddo supplies” packed in a bag. If you have ever put a bag on the handles of an umbrella stroller you are well aware of the flip over factor, if you aren’t aware of this you will quickly learn.

Option 2: Rent At The Park

  • Pros: Convenient, pick up a stroller when you get to the park and have it until you leave for the day. These strollers easy to clean and due to their construction.
  • Cons: These strollers are big, bulky, plastic, don’t recline. You cannot take these out of the park, so if you  need a stroller at the resort you are out of luck – you have to rent each day, and there is a limited supply, once they are all rented for the day they are gone. Finally, there is no separation between the two seats in the double stroller – – this open even the most loving siblings up to bickering: pinching, kicking, and at the very least, the invasion of space whine.

** I really like this option for older children that don’t use a stroller anymore. If the kiddos in your life are over 6 years old, and you really don’t think you need a stroller, this option is great if a younger kiddo wears out and needs a break from walking midway through the day.

Option 3: Rent From An Outside Company

  • Pros: A name brand stroller is dropped off at your resort bell services, these companies deliver to all of the Disney Resort Hotels and many off property hotels. The stroller is yours for your stay, then you drop it off to bell services when you leave and the rental company picks up during the next scheduled pick up/drop off time. The strollers are cleaned/sanitized between rentals.
  • Cons: Every brand of stroller has a learning curve, so you will have to take a minute to acquaint yourself with your rental. Also, if you fly in, you won’t receive your stroller until you arrive at your resort.

Our family chooses option three. On past visits we brought a stroller with us. Since we fly in, we opted to gate check our stroller. Even in a gate check bag, my TTT took a beating the first, and only time we took it with us to Walt Disney World.

Comfy enough for a nap

Comfy enough for a nap

There are several rental companies to choose from, and you must make sure the company you choose is a Disney Featured Stroller Provider, this distinction is important for several reasons, and without it the bell services drop off/pick up will likely not be an option.

Before I go any further, this post is my own, and the opinions are my own, additionally, I do not recommend companies or products I do not use. My recommendation, and our chosen stroller rental company is Kingdom Strollers (https://www.kingdomstrollers.com/). We rented a double Baby Jogger City Mini last year and will be renting one again this year. The customer service and email response time of Kingdom Strollers is absolutely top-notch – we didn’t have any problems with our stroller, but I did have questions. My email was answered almost immediately, even when sent late one night. Our stroller was clean, ready and waiting, with a rain cover (in a small soft sided cooler attached to the stroller), and parent console included at no additional fee. I researched all of the Disney Featured Stroller Providers – most have some kind of perk, usually has to do with grocery delivery or a free item. There was one thing Kingdom Strollers offered that put them ahead of the other companies: they will deliver cases of bottled water with your rental. For us, this is huge – we never go hungry at Walt Disney World due to the dining plan (and frankly would rather have snacks and treats only offered at WDW than our usual snacks) so grocery delivery is not something we need (although free grocery delivery is offered with your rental),  but we do like to have plenty of bottled water in the room.  This option saved us significantly from having to buy bottles of water at resort prices. Do your research to determine which company will work best for your needs, but based on our experience, I personally recommend Kingdom Strollers.


20150912_095917A few more tips on how to stroll in style at WDW:

  • Rent before you leave for your trip so your stroller is ready and waiting for you.
  • Put your stroller rental company information in your mobile phone, if anything happens to your stroller call ASAP for a replacement.
  • The rental companies offer insurance for a nominal fee, this is an awesome piece of mind for any unforeseen mishaps.
  • If you are put off by the idea of not having a stroller in the airport, consider baby wearing, or bring along a cheap umbrella stroller that won’t be a huge loss if damaged.
  • Bring something (colorful ribbon, etc..) to tie on the handle bars of your stroller to make it easy to identify in the sea of strollers, also consider making a sign with your family name to put on the back of your stroller (both Disney and the rental companies provide these if you use their rental services). It is very easy to confuse one stroller with another when they are not differentiated.
  • Cast Members move strollers around to maximize space, so it is unlikely your stroller will be in the same place where you parked it when you exit an attraction or restaurant.
  • Walt Disney World requires a lot of walking, children that have not needed a stroller for a year or more may need to ride from time to time, make sure you consider this when determining your stroller needs.
  • The question is often asked, two single strollers or one double. My advice is one double, unless you are positive that your party will want to split up and separate the kiddos.

So how do you stroll through “The World?”

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