Raise your hand if you read to your kiddos every day… I thought so, most if not all of us do, which is awesome. Now raise your hand if you read the same books over and over. Yup, me too. There is nothing wrong with repetition, in fact it is good, and helps with basic language development as well as learning vocabulary. On the down side, once the kiddo memorizes the book and recites it along as you read, that particular book becomes less fun to read. Having a home library of favorites is awesome, a world of books at the reach of an arm opens the world to even the youngest of kiddos. Building a home library is an adventure to parents, often we choose our favorites, books we knew and love from our childhood: some, we remembered differently, some are better than others, some are easier to read than others, and some your kiddo may love but you not so much (and some are the other way around).

Baby Bug just turned 2, he will enter Kindergarten in the fall of 2020 (for some reason this makes me feel REALLY old, but I digress) most days, we read anywhere from 1-5 books. But there are days, that I just feel like I need to get through the day; the finish line of bedtime looms in front of me like a sugar cube leading a horse. All I can see is a moment of sitting down and quiet, and the temptation is there to put everyone in bed, turn out the lights, and go take a moment.  These are the days when adulating is hard, and parenting is harder.  So I am challenging myself (even on the roughest and most exhausting of days), and I hope you will join me, and challenge yourself.

So here is the challenge: At least one book each day (regularly mixing in books we are unfamiliar with and have never read) everyday until BWe are challenging ourselves to read (at least) 1 book each day to our very squirmy toddler. Join us on our challenge and visit regularly for quick and fun reviews of the books we read. enters Kindergarten. In our case, this is roughly 1250 books. I will regularly blog about the books we read, and include Amazon links to purchase the book if you would like. I will include a quick synopsis, review, and why/who I think would benefit from owning the book . I believe all books worth writing have something to offer, so rarely will I suggest skipping a book all together, but some will shine and be worth adding to your library, and others will be best to borrow form you local library and read once or twice. Not every child (or parent for that matter) is going to jive with every book. Regardless of the book, the time spent together is the most important, even on the days “in the trenches” as rough as they are, these few minutes spent reading will last your kiddos a lifetime…even when they are wiggly and don’t seem to be listening.

I hope you will join me on adventure, you can start any time.  Where ever you are in the birth to Kindergarten journey, it is never too early or too late to start reading. Feel free to comment at any time along this journey with suggestions of your favorites.

So, here we go….A Book A Day All The Way To K.