I love the sleek packaging. All of the compacts have mirrors inside.

I love the sleek packaging. All of the compacts have mirrors inside.

I have fallen in love with The Honest Company. I like the idea of cleaner, safer, and greener products for the kiddos, myself, and Hubs. I know they have been around for a while, so I am a bit late to this party, but y’all with the exception of a few products everything I have tried has been great, and performed as well as other similar full-of-additives-dyes-and-chemicals counterparts. Honest debuted a makeup and skin care line called Honest Beauty, I was anxious to try it out, but I was already pretty well stocked up on makeup, and I’m not one to just throw products out, especially pricy products, like makeup.

In February, I began to run out of my trusted brand of makeup I have been loyal to for the past couple of years. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I found myself in the worst possible scenario: I ran out of everything at once. As almost all of us are well aware, makeup – especially GOOD makeup isn’t cheap. I won’t go into detail, mostly because my husband reads this blog and some things are just better kept unsaid. Especially since he has told me I am a natural beauty and don’t need makeup. Good husband points earned, but in reality, I need “my face on” before I leave the house (of course school drop off is the exception). I rarely wear heavy “going out” makeup, but I do wear makeup daily. I am one of those get up and get dressed even if you are staying in all day types; I am a slug the whole day otherwise.

So, facing the need for a large makeup purchase, I gave the Honest Beauty Bundle a try. Once you set up an account, your bundle of three products are automatically shipped at $50.00 per bundle. Each bundle box contains 3 products with the option to ass 3 additional products at 25% off. Since most of the products are over $20.00 the $50.00 bundle is a good deal.  I know a lot of people are turned off by an auto ship feature. Honest Beauty has done a good job of giving me advance notice prior to shipping. You cannot cancel online but you can adjust your ship date and frequency.

So, without further ado, here is my honest review on the Honest Beauty products I have tried so far. I had two of the bundle deliveries to attain this collection of makeup:

20160510_114617Honest Everything Primer: I really have nothing to compare this to as I have only used a 3 in 1 in the past but it goes on light with a silky feeling, and is super smooth.


You can see the little granules on the edge.

You can see the little granules on the edge.

Everything Cream Foundation (Snow): Snow is a really light color fortunately this product has many color choices. My complexion runs between fair and transparent, so I usually choose a lighter color – this is probably the biggest downfall with Honest Beauty, you can’t try the makeup products before  you buy (they do have return policy, but the idea of having to pack the kiddos up for a post office trip is worth it to me to just make it work) the Snow is really light, even for me. Fortunately, this stuff is SO thick it really falls into a concealer category in my book, so I have been using it to conceal this, and that and have been pleased with its performance in that capacity. The actual concealer offered is a duo, so I will likely switch to the actual concealer, and not order this product again. I also have some granules that have formed around the edge of the product; however, they don’t seem to change the way the product performs.


20160510_114521Everything Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free (Honestly Cream): This is awesomely thick, glides on, and blends amazingly. I use this  product for my foundation. I put it on over the primer and use the actual cream foundation to hide blemishes and under eye circles, the two products blend well together.


20160510_114407Luminizing Powder (Midnight Reflection): This powder is a great finishing touch. It is super light. It does seem to fade away throughout the day, so it needs to be re-applied somewhat frequently – also if your skin is oily when you try to reapply it, it just seems to melt into the oil. Save yourself unnecessary frustration and blot your face first (Honest Beauty does carry blotting sheets, but I haven’t tried them)


20160510_103039Crème Blush (Honestly Exciting): This was the biggest adjustment for me, as I have always used a powder blush. It goes on light and blends very easily with a brush. I have been pleased with the color but it is very subtle and provides a little color and highlighting. Quite a few colors are available to suit the look you are going for, this one works well for: sleep deprived mom.


20160510_102958Eyeshadow Trio (Truly Warm Sable Brown): I love this eyeshadow. It glides on, and doesn’t have a powdery look. It comes with a little card that tells you how to apply the three colors together to achieve a given look (awesome for those of us challenged in the makeup contouring area). It also has great staying power, most eyeshadow seems to get goopy on my eyelids and end up in the crease of my eyelid by the end of the day.


20160510_122520True Velvet Eyeliner (Eye Opener): I really haven’t noticed anything special about this pencil, the only perk and why I would order it again is due to the chemicals and additives it claims to not contain and I like the color.


I am one of those people who struck the skin type lottery. NOT!!! I have very sensitive, combination skin, and I am prone to breakouts – I rock wrinkles, and acne all on the same face. Overall, I am really pleased with this line. I will however, make a few adjustments to the colors and products I choose next go around. I spend a lot of time reading labels, and The Honest Company has done a good job of cutting out controversial ingredients, and a good bit of what I am trying to avoid. The bundle deal is really pretty fantastic, and you can cancel at any time by calling.20160510_113731

So, what are your thoughts on a beauty bundle? Is an auto ship feature worth it, or a hassle, and unwelcome forgotten surprise?

**All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated in any way for this review.