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Summer Comfort Food: Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly with Berry Soup

So I had one of those days. You know the one, where all you want to do is curl up in bed, and you are wondering why you got out of said bed in the first place. Yes, it was a bad day. Since going back to bed was not an option, I opted for a comfort food lunch instead. My go to comfort food is a bowl of hot soup and a crispy grilled cheese, but seeing as how it was laste spring and I was already hot, and a bowl of steamy soup (while comforting) was not so appealing. So I started to think, what is summertime comfort food? With a quick scan of the fridge, I came up with peanut butter and jelly, berries, and whipping cream. Let me take this time to introduce my new summer time comfort food: grilled peanut butter and jelly with berry soup.

As with most recipes  in my life, this is pretty easy, and while not necessarily healthy (whipped cream is involved) it is both good and comforting. There are plenty of ways to lighten it up, but I was working with what I had on hand. With that in mind,  I’ll throw in some alternative ideas below.

Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly with Berry Soup

Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly (super simple)

1-2tbsp. Peanut Butter (or nut free butter of your choice)
1 tbsp. Jelly (any flavor will work)
2 pieces of bread
2 tsp. butter divided

  1. Spread peanut butter on both sides of the bread.
  2. Add a dollop of jelly in the center (on top of the peanut butter) of one slice of bread.

    Place a dollop of jelly in the center of the peanut butter.

  3. Place the non jelly slice of bread on top of the jelly.
    *for some reason this reads as if it is difficult – to simplify: make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but don’t spread the jelly around leave it in the middle of the bread (it will spread as it warms up)
  4. This is key: cut off the crusts, and using a fork (or sandwich crimper if you have one) crimp the edges together so it forms a pouch and the jelly is trapped inside.
  5. Butter one side of the bread.

    Crimped edges of the bread


  6. Heat a skillet to med-low melt the remaining butter and place the sandwich, non buttered side down in the pan.
  7. Toast to golden brown then flip the sandwich over and toast the other side.

Berry Soup

1 cup (or a little more) frozen berries*
1 cup or a little more fresh berries*
* I used strawberries and blueberries, but you can use whatever type of berry you like.
8oz Whipping Cream- yougart will make it a bit thinner but also a bit healther. Adjust the amount of milk you use if you go this route so it doesn’t get too thin.
1 cup Milk
2 tsp. sugar*
*adjust to your taste

  1. Whip the whipping cream and sugar to soft peaks. (roughly 3-4 minutes on high)

    The key if using whipping cream is soft peaks

  2. Using a blender puree your berry mixture.
  3. Add berry mixture to whip cream and mix together.

    Add the berry puree to the whip cream and mix

  4. Slowly add in milk, checking consistency after adding half.

Garnish with mint leaves and relish in the comfort, or leave out the mint leaves and make it for the kids. Either way, this thick soup and toasty sandwich is a crowd pleaser!

Do you have a “go to” comfort food? Please comment and share your favorites!

‘Nother Way To S’more

S’mores!! The ooey, gooey, greatness that incorporates three time honored ingredients in one perfect sandwich. After spending an evening trying to remove chocolate stains from clothes and caked marshmallow from Lil’ Bit’s hair, I started to wonder; is there a ‘Nother Way To S’more?
S’more consumption differs from childhood to adulthood. A group of adults eating a s’more generally do the dainty two finger (thumb and pointer) hold. They are sure to keep it away from their clothes, and body, and lean forward to gingerly bite the corners as toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate oozes out the sides of the grahams. Yes, eating a s’more is a delicate balance of pure blissful enjoyment and the thought of: please don’t get on me, the stickiness and stains are impossible to remove.

So much sticky!!!

So much sticky!!!

Enter, the kiddos! I’m big on traditions, being a kid, and having fun, but y’all I wish I had that angel/devil combo sitting on my shoulders the night I introduced my Lil’ Bit to s’mores. She was about two and a half, and with the amount of marshmallow stuck to her hair, clothes and skin, I could have stuck her to the wall. That evening a love blossomed, and to this day 3 years later, s’mores are her number one request for dessert.
I was determined to come up with a fix for this one. As the old-English proverb goes: necessity is the mother of invention. I began to experiment with the simple s’more ingredients, chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. After a few adjustments, I came up with this recipe:

‘Nother Way To S’more

Whatcha Need:

A bag of marshmallows

A shallow dish with a couple of tablespoons of melted butter

Slice your marshmallows in half

Slice your marshmallows in half

Graham Crackers

Chocolate Chips

Whatcha Do:

  1. Put a few (or more if you are making a bunch) graham crackers in a bag and crush them up with a rolling pin, book, mallet, or other crushing device. Pour crumbs into a shallow dish or plate.
  2. Melt your chocolate.
  3. Slice your marshmallows in half – any way will work but I prefer length wise.
  4. Dip marshmallows in butter then graham cracker crumbs – place the coated side down on a foil line baking sheet
  5. Quickly toast marshmallows under broiler, until they are light brown (watch them closely, they burn really fast!)
  6. Remove from oven and flip over.
  7. Place a small piece of chocolate (pip, chip, or nothing if you want to use a dot of Easy Peasy Chocolate Syrup) and put back in oven
  8. Toast until chocolate begins to melt or grahams begin to brown. Watch closely, they burn

    Dip the cut side in butter and graham cracker crumbs.

    Dip the cut side in butter and graham cracker crumbs.

  9. Remove from oven, and if using syrup place a small dot on each marshmallow.
  10. Sandwich halves together.
  11. Enjoy the yumminess!
S'mores! All the yummy, minimal mess!

S’mores! All the yummy, minimal mess!

Voila!! One (or two) bite s’mores, with minimal mess.

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