“The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” – Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich

Do you find yourself bogged down by the weight of life? I do. One of my greatest past times seems to be chastising myself for what I didn’t do, or what I don’t have, or the wants, you know what I mean, the house, vacations, well-behaved kids, everything all together, etc… In other words, the soul and/or gut crushing STUFF.  Y’all, you know this already, but I’ll say it anyway as a reminder to keep it taped on the front of the emotional file cabinet in your brain: Even the girl who seems to have it all, really doesn’t – it’s all smoke and mirrors. Even though you know this, it still allows negativity to creep in. Negativity is not just a word or feeling, it is a thing, it is stuff, and it is HEAVY. Negativity also might not be as obvious as you think.

Simple Tip: Negativity will weigh you down, and make life downright difficult! Eradicate negativity in your life to make it simple!

Yeah, I am well aware this is easier said than done.

Have you ever been here: Your friend… no, your good friend, has something awesome happen in her life. She posts about it everywhere, texts, calls, and maybe even sends out an announcement email, and you are so proud and happy for her. However, recently,  you suffered some seemingly life crushing blow (could be actual or just drama of the moment), or are just stuck in the mediocrity of life. You desperately don’t want to feel any jealously, envy, or aggravation toward your friend, (cause, you know, moms, and women everywhere are constantly told they shouldn’t) but you can’t handle seeing it everywhere. You begin to feel the weight of guilt, and frustration with yourself,  and your life becomes downright hard. You can go one of two ways at this point: tell your friend, or take a break.

Your heart is in the right place, you want to show genuine support and happiness, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t; so stop,  it is fine to take a moment for your life and yourself. Negativity will weigh you down, and make life downright hard! Make it simple mommy!

So, here are your two easy routes:

  1. Tell your friend:
    • I personally, don’t recommend this one for a temporary situation. In other words, don’t rain on their parade.  Now if a friend has truly upset you or wronged you in some way, then yes, it is time for that completely awkward and uncomfortable conversation. Not fun, and you may have to make a decision on if you are willing to give up your friendship.
  2. Take a break:
    • If your life is in the proverbial “toilet” at the moment, it is ok to take a break. It’s even more ok, to not feel guilty about it. If you are going to tell said friend about your break (which is unnecessary unless you talk to them daily and interaction is expected) do so simply, with something like “crazy day (s) ahead, will be out-of-pocket for a bit” and use the time to reset yourself. Stay off social media all together, or simply unfollow (not unfriend).

      Take time to smell the roses, or take a walk, or drink a cup of coffee in silence. Whatever. Just take a break when you need a moment, day, week…

Don’ t create negativity where there is not any. Don’t be upset if your photo isn’t “liked” as many times as you think it should, or if you have a friend who never “likes” anything you do, don’t read into it.

Social Media is great for keeping up in life, but if it bogging you down, take a break, focus on yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it – this is called self-care and it is right up there with bathing regularly. If you are worried about missing out, then unfollow, and don’t go away completely – this way you are still notified if you need to know something, you can also visit friends pages as you choose.

Finally, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!!! Whether they be internet trolls, office trolls, or trolls in your mind snacking on popcorn, don’t feed them, this will do nothing but cause clutter and stress, ultimately weighing you down. Controversy sells, and it is extremely valuable – don’t make someone else rich (literally or figuratively) at your own peril.

You can do this, one breath at a time, one step at a time – get rid of the negativity. Make it simple Mommy!

Thanks for Reading! If you have anything to say, leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!