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Make It Simple Mommy: This Weeks Meal Plan (5/22 – 5/26)

I have never been so happy to see a Monday roll around on the calendar. Last week will be here by known as: The Stomach Virus That Wouldn’t Quit. All week either someone was sick, or someone was recovering. It was a looooong week! The other reason I am so jazzed, with the glorious day off next Monday, this is the last Monday of the school year!! With all the craziness of last week I have created this weeks meal plan on the fly, so we will see how it goes; but first, let’s take a look at last week, and see how we did.

Monday: Slow cooker pasta, sauce & cheese. Okay, I know there is a way to cook pasta in the crock pot so it turns out correctly, but I can’t seem to figure it out. All the more reason why I need to look into the Instant Pot. The favor was great on this dish, but the pasta did not hold up.
Tuesday: Taco Salad Tuesday. I was so excited about this, especially with the nacho cheese tortilla chips I was planning to use. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes before dinner (while we were at swim practice) someone asked what we were having, when I told them, husband went pale and he asked if I was planning to use the chips in the pantry…that he ate Saturday. So, we have a new house policy: the DO NOT EAT sticky note. There were enough chips for the kids, and they loved it so we will do this again.
Wednesday: This was scrapped for a Mother’s Day re-do, cause this mama was in bed with the dreaded stomach virus.
Thursday: Sloppy cheese burgers didn’t happen. I was completely burnt out, so the kids had waffles, hubs had an omelet, and I had a turkey sandwich.
Friday: Pizza Night. Our favorite pizza restaurant was sold! What’s worse, we are not huge fans of the new pizza. So we had burgers instead.

Our Meal Plan Grade Overall: D. We do get an B- for effort, and a B+ for flexibility.

So, here is this week:

Monday: BBQ chicken skillet pizza . I am using the 4 ingredient no knead dough floating around Pinterest and my big cast iron pan. I’m pretty excited about this one. Pina colada salad (oranges, pineapple, and coconut flakes) and a tossed garden salad.

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs. It’s Taco Tuesday, but I need to get my homemade meatballs stocked back up in the freezer.

Wednesday: Soyaki marinated chicken,  sautéed green beans, and Mac & Cheese.

Thursday: Salsa poached eggs, cheesy garlic grits, fruit salad, and Power Cake Waffles for the kiddos. I am going to make all of this ahead and keep it warm in the Crock Pot.

Friday: For the love of Pete, I don’t care as long as I don’t have to cook. So take out it is!

What’s on your menu this week? I’d love you to drop me a comment below!

Make It Simple Mommy!

Make It Simple Mommy: 6 Tips to Revolutionize Your Family Dinner

Isn’t it funny how a perfectly delightful day can turn into sheer chaos resulting in tears and frustration between the hours of 4 – 6:30? I was well aware of “the witching hour” from our baby days, and it appears that this will continue for the foreseeable future. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have started to make dinner and instead thrown my hands up into the air and ordered takeout. This is frustrating for two reasons: first, we have unnecessarily spent on two dinners, and second, I always end up consuming many more calories with takeout food than I would have if I cooked at home. I don’t know how things work around your house, but around here all too often dinner time meltdowns turn into bedtime meltdowns resulting in an overall unhappy ending to the day.

Easy dinner! Quesadillas with lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and black olives on the side.

I have started using these 6 easy steps to simplify dinner, and (as long as I stick to them) our meal times are down right enjoyable, pleasant, and we even talk about all the stuff and ask all the questions parents are supposed to ask at the dinner table!


Six Ways To Simplify Your Dinners

1. Meal Plan – This can be done 1 of 2 ways: plan your meals then shop or shop and plan meals based on what you bought. 10 -15 minutes of planning can save you from hours of frustration.

2. Keep your meals simple with as few steps as possible – Try to keep your recipes to 5 ingredients or less. Use ingredients you routinely have on hand, so unplanned grocery store runs are not needed. Making intricate dishes with a multitude of steps and ingredients is both challenging and stressful (even more so when your child announces at the dinner table they are no longer eating one of the key ingredients of the dish). Save these recipes for at home date nights.

3. Plan ahead – Making a chicken dish? Remember to thaw your chicken the night before. There is little more stressful than realizing at noon, the meat you want for dinner is hanging out in the deep freeze (or worse, trying to do a “quick thaw” and creating questionable poultry). This is especially easy if you have done your meal planning, you know exactly what you need and when you will need it.

From pot to plate, with a little planning dinner can be simple AND enjoyable!

4. If at all possible put together you dinner in the morning or early afternoon – Evenings tend to be so crazy, having this step out of the way and just being able to pop dinner in the oven/instant pot, or out of the crock pot makes life so much easier.

5. Create An Easy Dinners Recipe File – Whether it is on your computer, tablet, or a good old fashioned index card, these are helpful when you are stuck in your meal planning and sick of the same old dinners.

6. If you have picky eaters, make sure your meal includes 1 thing that they are willing to eat – This may be something as simple as peas or macaroni and cheese, but it keeps the please eat SOMETHING, or just 1 bite frustration to a minimum. It may not be the most nutritious meal your child eats all day, but a full tummy at bed time counts for something right? Simple Tip: Try a Fred & Friends Dinner Winner Plate to encourage your kiddo to eat to the sweet treat at the finish line.

Picky Eater? Try this fun plate!

I’ll be sharing our meal plans along and along. With a bit of luck, it will keep me on task and hopefully help you come up with some quick, easy and simple dinner ideas. In the mean time, if you have any simple dinner ideas to share, please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your tips, simple recipes, or suggestions for picky eaters.

Thanks for reading, and make it simple!


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