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Make It Simple Mommy: Eradicate the Negativity In Your Life

“The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” – Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich

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A Book To Celebrate Valentine’s Day…With Penguins

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The Book: Penguin In Love

The Author: Salina Yoon

The Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

Copyright c 2013 by Salina Yoon

The Link To Buy on Amazon:
Penguin in Love

The Premise: The true love story of Penguin and Bootsy. While they find each other through knitting, they help many others along the way.

The Skinny: Talk about a heart warmer! The warm fuzzies with this book are on overload. You cannot help but smile while reading. The plot, and storyline are a bit too farfetched for the reasoning of an adult brain, but is perfect for littles. There are quite a few pages (32 to be exact) but most pages have just a few words (or even just images) keeping even littles focused. Blue is the main color used throughout the book leaving a calming feeling, making this a great book for settling down.

Who Should Own It: If you are looking for a fun Valentine that is not candy, books are great. This one is perfect for a little Valentine around age 3, even younger if you are out of the super short board book phase.

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