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Make It Simple Mommy: Eradicate the Negativity In Your Life

“The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” – Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich

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Counting, Cars and Sounds – This Book is Fun for All!!

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A Book A Day All The Way To K!

The Book: 1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom A Counting Book

The Author: Sarah Lynn

Illustrated By: Daniel Griffo

The Publisher: Amazon Children’s Publishing

Text copyright c2012 by Sarah Lynn

illustrations by Daniel Griffo, coupright c2012 by Amazon Publishing

The Link (to purchase for your home library):
1-2-3 Va-Va-Vroom!: A Counting Book

Best For: 18 months -5

The Premise: Race cars, short sentences, and lots of colorful pictures. This book is a quick and easy read, even though it may seem “thick” at 32 pages (including the title page and dedications). This is an energizing book, full of sounds to keep even the wiggliest kiddo engaged. A fun and different way to teach numbers and count to 10. Great for younger toddlers, and those who need lots to see on each page.

The Skinny: Similar to many books targeted to this age group, this book is made up of short poem like statements rather than traditional sentences. It is filled with onomatopoeia which is not only  entertaining to readers and listeners, it engages brains.  Both Bug and I enjoyed this book and have read it multiple times, Lil’ Bit (who is way past this level) sat down and listened a time or two.

Why Own It: This book is just fun. Fun to read, and according to the kiddos, fun to hear. If you have a little one into cars, or racing, this is a must. I would also recommend it for kiddos who have a hard time sitting down and listening to a traditional story.

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